Saturday, June 21, 2008


Galyna was born on 26th of October 1955 in Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine. Her mother Vera was a nurse and her father Roman was a government worker. Living in this family she naturally picked up such qualities as discipline, leadership, honesty and trustworthiness.

Studying in both high-school and musical school she was always committed to the goals put before her. Her inherent skill to motivate people around her was due to her being respected for her abilities.

After graduating she worked for 2 years as a designer-technician at a plant. There she acquired the drafting skills for her future education.

In 1975 Galyna entered the University of Oil and Gas. After her 1st year in the university she married Sergey. The couple met during dance class. They were dancing as a couple in international competitions.

While studying in university, in 1978 the first child was born – Dima. This was a tough, but happy period of their lives.

In 1980 Galyna finished her post-secondary education and started to work as an engineer-designer in a constructor’s bureau.

In 1985, the second child - Pavel was born.

During the tough 1990’s, Galyna has finished her second post-secondary education. She became an accountant at her husband’s company.

For the sake of future of the family, Galyna led it through the immigration to Canada. In 2002, the whole family arrived to Vancouver, BC. Her other goal included giving education to her both sons. The elder son, Dima, graduated university and her youngest, Pavel, is still studying.

Galyna got sick and all the six years she spent in Canada she fought for her life yet she was still persisting on working during that time.

All her life she was surrounded by people who loved, respected and adored her for her unbendable character, truthfulness, confidence, integrity and persistence. Whatever she took on, be it writing poems, painting a picture, cooking a meal or singing a song she would always excel greatness.

Spending 32 years with Galyna, both her children and her husband think of her as of Holy Person.

Пускай ей будет земля пухом.

Good Bye Galochka.